With the development of technology and advancing threats every day, more and more organizations are turning to management systems to manage and mitigate the risk associated with data and information. Management systems can ensure that information resilience and risk mitigation is a focal point of corporate strategy as well as becoming a part of everyday business practice. Every business has three basic challenges that threaten their success:

  • Comply with customer requirements and government regulations and standards
  • Protect the organization through embedding quality and instituting best practices
  • Grow the organization, extending the customer reach and satisfaction, thereby increasing revenue

Management systems allow organizations to meet these challenges by instilling best practices and validating, through certification, that they are properly established in the company. We don’t just assess you on standards, we help you to meet them. We’ll support you every step of the way as you implement a standard all the way to certification. If you have two or more management systems, we can co-ordinate assessment so that it falls on the same dates, minimizing disruption to your organization and saving you money.

Complaint and Appeal Process

During the process of assessment and certification, conflicts sometimes occur that cannot be resolved via the normal line processes. These can range from disagreements on nonconformities to decisions on the certification or certificate issue. This process exists to enable such disputes to be settled in formal business like manner. The purpose of this procedure is applicable for UR and the complainant.

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