Effective energy management isn’t just good for business; it is also becoming a requirement. Energy efficiency has been a hot topic for the last few years. With effective energy management principles it is possible to reduce both costs and harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Hence an energy management system provides your organization with competitive advantages.

ISO 50001 helps you to manage the risks surrounding your future energy supply. And it provides a structured approach towards measuring and monitoring how much energy you use allowing you to identify hotspots, create objectives and make informed decisions. The standard outlines ways to reduce energy consumption by making changes to the way you operate – from the technical to behavioral – to improve overall performance.

This standard outlines the best way to achieve energy efficiency, whatever the nature of your business, and will help you meet your environmental and carbon reduction targets as part of improved energy performance. It shows you how to take a structured approach towards measuring and monitoring how much energy you use – helping you to get more from less.

Achieving ISO 5001 Certification

  • Please click here to request a call back, or further information on how you can become ISO 50001 certified. We can also provide a no-obligation competitive quotation from our dedicated business development team.
  • Our leading auditors will devise a comprehensive assessment program which will be agreed in line with your EnMS requirements.
  • Certification Benefits

    • Eligibility for submitting tenders or proposals for projects.
    • Aids compliance with legal requirements related to the environment
    • Improve profitability through controlling by efficient energy management
    • Can boost your organisation’s brand reputation and be a useful promotional tool, especially when going up against competitors who aren’t certified
    • Project environment sensitivity in your services.
    • Helps maintain and improve your market position

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